How to start, run, and grow your business

Helping you start, run, and grow your business

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Welcome to Backstage, the place where you get honest advise and tips on how to start,  run and grow your business to make  money. There is no bullshit quick fixes here, no guides about how to make millions in 30 days. Simply because that’s not the reality of businesses even the most successful ones. link to blog about successful growth vs growth hackes (the myth of making millions in 30 days). 

Backstage is all about sharing experience, teaching and supporting entrepreneurs from around the world to create  successful businesses.

Things You Need Help With?

Most new entrepreneurs come with the dream of making  more money while doing something they are really passionate about.  But they also come with one of a few common needs or challenges. To help you meet your needs, I have organised the content into 3 different portals. These are:

How to start your own business

How to run your business

How to grow your business

These posts also talk about the challenges of… 


All portals contain technical support and recommended tools and resources to help you  run your business smoothly and successfully.


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