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This was the hardest page for me write. Not that I have a problem verbally speaking about myself but writing it feels …well different.  I’m a female entrepreneur, 30 years, married, no children, grew up and raised in north Africa, loves coffee, used to write poetry and doesn’t anymore, loves art, do climbing, ballet dancing and skiing “since a year now” and then …not much.

I haven’t climbed the Mount Everest, I haven’t received the Young Entrepreneur Award and I am yet on my journey to find the startup idea that will impact the lives of millions of people. But apart from this, I have some experience under my sleeves in setting up and running businesses and I want to share this with you because I know how lonely the entrepreneurial life is. How you’d sometimes wish that someone else would take that decision or phone call for you. That you’ll get that tap on the shoulder to tell you that you’ve done well or that things will eventually get better.

I set up this blog to give you the help I wish I had when I started this journey. But also to share my honest experience and open up about the ups & downs I came across hoping that some of you will benefit from it.